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thespianred's Journal

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T H E . B A S I C S

Name: Blank...Just Blank
Age: 22
Birthdate: November 10th
Birthplace: Unknown
Zodiac: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair Colour: Red
Eyes: Red tinted Hazel
Blood Type: AB
T H E . P E R S O N A L . S T U F F

Dexterity: Right-handed
Occupation: Thespian Thief
Colours: Earthy Colours
Likes: Acting, Fighting, Stealing
Dislikes: Being Shunned
Location: Lindblum Theatre District
Living conditions: Tantalus Hideout in the clock tower. Small with only two rooms. One to wash. One to Sleep. Sharing with 7 others. Otherwise, on board the Prima Vista - A home away from home.
Personality: Blank often comes across as cocky and arrogant. But is actually very laid back and shy. His physical deformaties leave him feeling inadaquate and repulsive.
T H E . S O C I A L . B I T S

Family: Name Unknown - Deceased (father); Name Unknown - Deceased (mother);
Friends: Zidane, Baku, Marcus, Cinna, Ruby, The Nero Brothers, Dagger, Eiko
Pets: None
Enemies: Anyone opposing Tantalus
Orientation: Open Minded
Status: Single
Love interest: Zidane Tribal
Affiliation: Tantalus
B A C K G R O U N D - [under construction]

Blank isn't one to talk much about his past, since it's something he would rather forget. An orphan at a young age, he took to the streets, living off scraps of food from the trash, or whatever handouts he could get - which were few and far between - a noble would rather kick dirt in your face than feed you! When rummaging through the trash became not enough to support his growing body and needs for food he took to thieving.

At the age of 10, he was taken in by a group of men, who gave him food and a warm, safe place to sleep. However they also used him for a plaything for clients, selling him day after day, night after night. His pretty red locks and cherub face made him the perfect toy. He quickly learnt how to pleasure both men and women seuxally. By the age of 13, he decided he did not want to spend his life this way. Shame and embarrassment were feelings he was discovering for the first time. When he finally stood up for himself, the men turned more violent than ever on him, beating him within inches of his life, slashing his body with razors, glass, anything they could get their hands on before carelessly dumping him down an alley like a piece of rubbish to die.

He was found by Baku and Marcus, who took him back to the Tantalus Hideout, where they treated his wounds as best they could, eventually having to find a Doctor to help them. His skin had been so badly damaged in places that the cells had started to die in places, leaving him with darker patches of skin, as well as deep, patchwork-like scars.

This journal is part of a non-profit roleplaying community and is not intended to be taken literally as the character portrayed. I am in no way associated with the owners of the intellectual property the character belongs to. No copyright infringement is intended, nor do I pretend to own any part of said property, trademarks or characters. This journal may be subject to permanent suspension without notice at the request of the real person, trademark holder, copyright owner or agent thereof.

Basically, I'm not Blank, I don't own him, he is the property of those lucky people at Square. I just roleplay as him for fun. // HMD